Art Therapy

The pre-professional art therapy major prepares students to apply to graduate programs in art therapy. Art therapists can find employment in a variety of areas including senior centers, hospitals, mental health centers, special education programs, veteran services and penal institutions. This major combines coursework in art, psychology, and social work.

Helping others

The art therapy program's interdisciplinary format combines art and design with social work and psychology. This powerful combination prepares students for admission to a graduate program to become a certified art therapist. Students also have the opportunity to volunteer and lead art activities with children and disabled adults.

Students who graduate with this major can pursue careers as a:

  • Counselor
  • Art therapist
  • Case worker
  • Group home supervisors
  • Community arts programmer educator/instructor
  • Grant writer

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Creative Spaces Abound

Our students take advantage of it all!

Join us and call the art studios your home away from home! The dedicated studios are large, contemporary, and versatile. Here is a taste of what our students get to experience:

  • Metal Shop  MIG, TIG, ARC, and oxy-acetylene welders, a plasma cutter, dry cut saws, band saw, and sand blasting.
  • Ceramics – Mixing clay, formulating and applying glazes, kiln firing, electric and kick wheels, plus extruders and slab rollers.
  • Woodshop  Band saw, table saw, panel saw, radial arm saw, sliding compound miter saw, lathe, laser drill press, sanding station, and many hand tools.
  • Painting – flexible space with many easels and taborets along with custom mixing of pigments for oil, acrylic, and encaustic paints.
  • Printmaking  four high-end intaglio and lithograph presses, including lithography stones.
  • Mac Lab  Mac computers with large monitors, loaded with the most recent version of Adobe CS, several digital scanners, color laser printers, large format printers, and an archival printer.
  • Gallery Spaces – Two different gallery spaces with customizable lighting and digital projection capabilities.

According to a 2009 survey conducted by the American Medical Association, those with experience in this field may earn salaries between $80,000 to $100,000.

The knowledge of psychology allows art therapists to help clients understand themselves and work toward specific goals.

When clients are ready to process their thoughts, the art therapist might discuss ways to help them deal with whatever they’re facing.

Major in Pre-Professional Art Therapy (63 credit hours)

Visual Art and Design Core (24 credit hours)

  • ARTD 180 Art Foundations: Drawing
  • ARTD 185 Art Foundations: 3D Design
  • ARTD 190 Art Foundations: Digital Design
  • ARTD 195 Portfolio Review
  • ARTD 240 Visual Literacy and Criticism
  • ARTD 250 Life Drawing
  • ARTD 280 Business of Art
  • ARTD 304 Critical Issues in Modern and Contemporary Art
  • ARTD 492 Art and Design Capstone
  • ARTD 493 Art and Design Practicum

Recommended General Education courses

  • BIOL 120 Life Science with a Human Focus
  • PHIL 361 Racism and Sexism in American Life

Visual Art and Design Art Therapy (3 credit hours)

  • ARTD 380 Applications of Art Therapy

Psychology and Social Work (24 credit hours)

  • PSYC 100 General Psychology or PSYC 102 The Science of Psychology
  • PSYC 203 Social Psychology
  • PSYC 220 Behavior Modification or PSYC 389 Counseling
  • PSYC 239 Abnormal Psychology
  • Choice of 300 level PSYC course (or one additional 300 level course if PSYC 389 was chosen above)
  • SCWK 200 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare
  • SCWK 235 Psycho-Social Dimensions of the Human Life Cycle
  • SCWK 380 Methods of Social Research I

Visual Art and Design Studio (12 credit hours)

  • ARTD 310 Painting
  • ARTD 320 Sculpture
  • ARTD 330 Ceramics
  • ARTD 340 Introduction to Printmaking or ARTD 342 Experimental Printmaking


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