Frequently Asked Questions

Study Abroad

Frequently Asked Questions

Study Abroad

Where in the world can I study?

BVU students can study anywhere in the world as long as there is not a State Department warning advising against travel to that country/area.

When can I go?

After completing their first year of study at BVU, students may go abroad for either fall or spring term.  First year students may not participate in study abroad.

Am I qualified to study abroad?

Fulltime BVU students in good academic standing (as defined in the BVU Catalog and Student Handbook) and in good standing with the Office of Student Services are eligible for study abroad.  Specific programs may have additional requirements.

Are there programs available in English?

Yes, there are a wide variety of programs available in both English-speaking countries (e.g. Australia) as well as in countries where English is not the first language (e.g. The American University in Rome.)  BVU students who are studying a foreign language may spend a semester or year abroad developing their skills in Spanish, Japanese, Chinese or German.

For how long can I study abroad?

Most students spend one semester abroad although one-year options are available. Seven and eight-week programs are also available for Education majors  interested in completing one-half of their senior student-teaching requirement abroad.

Is summer study available?

Yes, a variety of sites offer summer programs.

Will I still be able to graduate on time?

With careful planning, most students do not experience any delay in graduation as a result of studying abroad.

Will all of my credits count toward graduation?

Yes, with the possible exception of community education courses taken for fun.

Will any of my credits count toward general education?

Yes, courses taken abroad which meet BVU academic guidelines may count as general education.

Will I be able to take courses in my major?

Yes, for most majors a wide variety of options are available.

Will I be able to use my financial aid package?

Yes.  Students who successfully complete all steps in the application process may use their financial aid packages toward the cost of study abroad.

How do I get started?

Contact BVU’s Study Abroad Coordinator, Dr. Dixee Bartholomew-Feis,  The study abroad process works to find you the best program match for your major, your skills and your dreams of experiencing the world.