Dr. Melinda Coogan

Professor of Biology

A.A., Stephens College; B.S., East Carolina University; M.S., Western Illinois University; Ph.D., University of North Texas

Research projects have ranged from physiological effects of emerging contaminants on humans and freshwater organisms to flora and fauna community composition studies of hillside prairies, wetlands, and streams from the Midwest USA to the southern tip of Chile.  My publication record includes peer-reviewed articles in the field of aquatic toxicology, a NOVA book chapter on aquatic snails, and numerous collaborative student abstracts.  My research students have presented at local, national, and international conferences from our region of Iowa to Prague, Czech Republic through involvement with Iowa Academy of Science, Society of Wetland Scientists, and Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.


Freshwater Ecology; Ecology; Biological Principles I; Introduction to Human Physiology; Parasitology; Research Experience for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors; Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems; Environmental Chemistry; Introduction to Biological Science Lab; Global Fellows - Chile Travel Prep.

Melinda Coogan