Dr. James McFadden

Associate Professor of English Composition

B.A., M.A., Southern Illinois University; Ph.D., Miami University of Ohio

Dr. McFadden has published on the rhetoric of reflection in portfolios of student writing from across a college curriculum; published philological and biographical research on the Irish poet, William Butler Yeats; and reviewed rhetorical theory listservs and hypertext archives. His current research is in writing across the college curriculum, social genre theory, and the rhetorical history of case writing in social work and social welfare. He treasures poems written in pedagogics genres, especially jokes, anecdotes, and parables, and is an enthusiast of fiction that explores correlations between the histories of reading and reflection.


Writing Workshop, Written Communication I, Written Communication II, Advanced Writing, Introduction to Linguistics, Job-search Documents, Screenwriting, and Freshman Seminar.

James McFadden