Facilities and Studio Space

Art & Graphic Design

Facilities and Studio Space

Art & Graphic Design

Metal Shop

The metalworking studio offers 1,690 square feet of work space for students, which is designed for light to medium duty steel work including MIG, TIG, ARC, and oxy-acetylene welders, as well as a plasma cutter, dry cut saws, band saw, shear, Trinco sand blaster, slip roll, and other metalworking equipment.

All Purpose Studio

A general studio of approximately 1,048 square feet created to accommodate general sculpture construction, mold making (including plaster and sand), and an advanced drawing course with sturdy work tables.


The ceramics facility is 2,142 square feet, with separate areas for wheel throwing, hand building, clay mixing, glaze calculation and application, and kiln firing. The studio contains several electric Brent potter's wheels and two kick wheels, two Bailey extruders and slab roller, a Soldner Clay mixer and an Axner Pug Mill.


The woodshop offers 1,365 square feet of workspace for students. It contains a band saw, table saw, panel saw, radial arm saw, sliding compound miter saw, lathe, laser drill press, sanding station, and many hand tools.


A flexible studio work space approximately 1,005 square feet with several easels and taborets available for student use. Equipment and supplies are offered to mix custom pigments for oil, acrylic, and encaustic paints.


The printmaking facility offers 910 square feet of workspace for students. The studio contains four intaglio and lithograph presses, including a Takach Press, Praga Press, Master Etch, and a Wright Press. Several lithography stones are accessible as well.


A beginning drawing studio with flexible 1,365 square feet workspace. Several drawing easels are available as well as various still life objects. Access to models is also offered during the drawing course. Flat file storage is available for the students.

Mac Lab

Mac computers with most recent version of Adobe CS, several digital scanners, HP 5550 color laser printers, Epson Stylus 7800 large format, archival printer are available to students.