School of
Communication & Arts

School of
Communication & Arts


Getting involved

Become a reporter, photographer or editor for The Tack. Fine-tune your musical abilities by participating in Concert Choir or Jazz Band. Perform on stage or go behind the scenes of a theatre production. Get involved with Art League or contribute to FACES, the university’s literary magazine. At the School of Communication & Arts, you can develop your skills early on by immersing yourself in BVU’s award-winning student-operated media organizations and co-curricular activities.


Study the growing number of employers who use Facebook to assess job candidates. Explore the evolution of fairy tales and the fascination behind them. Examine how 20th century stage directors successfully transitioned their skills to the big screen. In addition to developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, research will allow you to explore your interests, expand your knowledge, and define your career goals. Read more...


Internships and Study Abroad Opportunities

Spend a semester studying overseas in Spain or Australia. Assist with public relations as an intern for the Minnesota Vikings. Work for TEEN Vogue in New York City. Internship and travel experiences will give you the chance to work with professionals in your chosen field, explore your interests, and demonstrate your talents to prospective employers. Read more...



Display your work in BVU’s large art gallery or other exhibition areas. Polish your musical abilities using practice rooms with built-in audio recorders and speaker acoustic options. Showcase your talent on stage or work behind the scenes at Anderson Auditorium. As a student in the School of Communication & Arts, you will explore your passions and hone your skills using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.



Become an Emmy-nominated producer for CNN. Create graphics for advertisements, billboards or magazines. Work for a public relations firm and generate excitement about a new business or product. Communication & Arts graduates have found success in a wide range of fields and have pursued graduate degrees at exceptional institutions across the country. Read more...