Typeface Design: The Ins and Outs of Creating a Typeface

by Adam Feller
Faculty advisor: Rebecca Frates

The intent of my project is to educate myself as well as others what makes a font or typeface easy to read. The research and study I have done about typography and letters has led me to create my own typeface. My poster will demonstrate, explain, and educate observers on the elements that make up letters. I will show examples of what makes a typeface easy or difficult to read.

My poster will feature the original typeface which I have been preparing all semester. I will explain the process I went through to develop my typeface and the specific elements that I applied to it from what I learned in my research. I will demonstrate what is unique about my typeface compared to other typefaces and what makes my typeface legible. Through this poster I intend to show my skills in typeface design as well as educate the audience about typography, something they may have never thought about even though they see it everywhere.