Orson Welles, Laurie Anderson and Julie Taymor: Breaking the Rules

by Vanessa Ellsbury, Darren Johnson, and Alexis McCoy
Faculty advisor: Dr. Bethany Larson

The predominant approach to theatrical directing in the United States has long been based on a model designed to stage realistic plays so that they are both believable as representations of real life and evocative as artistic creation. This presentation will focus on three famous theatrical directors who experimented with non-realistic approaches to directing and broke new ground for theatrical production. The work of Orson Welles, Laurie Anderson, and Julie Taymor will be examined to illustrate how each developed a unique approach to theatre and performance. Connections to presenters’ production projects will be discussed. Members of the Advanced Directing class, Vanessa Ellsbury, Darren Johnson and Alexis McCoy are presenters.