Tweet, Digg, and Flickr Your Way to Social and Commercial Success

by Carly Evans, Ravi Kumar, Cody Fitzpatrick, and Lena Yoo
Media Studies
Faculty advisor: Dr. Bruce Ellingson

More and more people are using social media sites as their major source of information. More people rely on them and spend a good chunk of their lives on social media. What is so special about it? What is the greatest attraction of it? Facebook is no longer just for teens, as your mom already knows and local businesses must soon find out.

Even if you don’t know anything about social media, it doesn't matter. All you need is the desire to know why it can be a great resource for you and your business. We will walk through the basic steps of social media using real world examples that will enhance your understanding about its practical relevance to you and your business.

Success through social media marketing is all about networking on a digital platform that can attract and connect your current and potential customers. With little or no financial investment, social media is breaking the barriers of traditional advertising and it is important to experience the benefits. Let us show you the importance in giving your business a stronger social presence and learn to take it to new heights. It is the perfect time to increase your "reach" by engaging in social media. Launch your new marketing strategy and jump into your success through social media.