Brad Schroeder

Brad Schroeder

Feb. 16, 2017

Buena Vista University has announced that Brad Schroeder of Pleasant Hill has been elected to its Board of Trustees.

Schroeder is a 1994 BVU graduate with a degree in English. He went on to attend law school at the University of Iowa, earning his Juris Doctorate in 1997. After graduating from the University of Iowa with distinction, Schroeder became an associate lawyer at Crawford Law Firm in Des Moines. In 2001, he started his own practice, and in 2003, Schroeder and a fellow associate lawyer at Crawford established Hartung & Schroeder, LLP. Today their law firm represents clients in a wide variety of areas, including family law, personal injury cases, business litigation, contract litigation and some criminal defense work.

In 2004, Schroeder pursued a class-action lawsuit against the City of Des Moines after being approached by a resident regarding a questionable city fee on her energy utility bill. Schroeder filed the lawsuit in July 2004, which eventually became a class-action suit that would stretch over nine years and include two appeals by the city to the Iowa Supreme Court, and one appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, which were all denied. Eventually, the City of Des Moines was ordered by the court to refund just under $40 million to those who paid the fee. Schroeder, who is now known for his class-action experience, continues to selectively pursue similar lawsuits and consumer protection cases.

To be in a position to serve the institution that did so much for me is an honor I could neither imagine nor appreciate as a BVU student many years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, and I’m thrilled to have the chance to help secure and enhance that opportunity for future generations of BVU students.

Brad Schroeder

Schroeder has served on the BVU President's Advisory Council (PAC) since 2012. He is also a partner in Donegal Racing, an Iowa-based thoroughbred horse-racing partnership that has had three horses in the Kentucky Derby since 2010. Schroeder is also a former board president of the Young Women’s Resource Center in Des Moines and a past chair member of the Iowa Lottery Authority Board of Directors.

“Brad Schroeder is a highly successful attorney who brings extreme devotion to his alma mater and tremendous talent to the Board of Trustees. Brad has served on our President’s Advisory Council with distinction and we know he will bring the same sage advice to the Board that he has consistently offered on the PAC,” added BVU President Fred Moore.

Schroeder’s wife, Tammie, is a financial advisor with Edward Jones, and they have a son, Luke, and twin daughters, Lauren and Samantha.